Read Some Materials And Following The Question Write 3 Pages Reflection Paper

The purpose of this week’s reading was to lay a theoretical foundation about culture and communication that we can then use to critically analyze real life situations.  After reflecting on these materials, consider the following points (in 3 pages):

  • In the reading “Multicultural Education, Transformative Knowledge & Action,” the author Dr. James Banks discusses the notion of what is called “positionality,” which has to do with social markers such as our race, gender, class, age, etc.  Based on this concept, how has your life been affected by your “positionality?”
  • Dr. Banks also names what he calls the five basic types of knowledge.  Based on this list, which are the most influential types of knowledge in your opinion?  Why?
  • Before this class, how would you have defined the term ‘culture?’
  • Has your definition or ideas about culture changed after doing the Week 1 readings?  Why or why not?