writing article accounting homework help

writing article accounting homework help



●Individual Writing Assignments should include the following:

î º Name of the Article

î º Author

î º Name of the magazine or journal that the article was published in

î º Date of publication (No older than 18 months from the start of the semester)

î º Page numbers that the article appeared on

●The Individual Writing Assignments should be organized to include the following sections:

î º Summary of the article

î º How the topic described in the article relates to Cost and Managerial Accounting

î º Your opinion of the article (i.e. is this an informative article, how useful can it be, etc. what other issues may exist related to the subject of the article)

î º What you learned from reading and analyzing the article / what you learned specifically about cost and managerial accounting as a result of the article

●Individual Writing Assignments should be 1-2 pages single spaced

●Subject of the article can be on any topic covered this semester (For example; job-order costing, activity-based costing, budgeting, ethics, etc.). Review the chapter titles from the text.