Writing About Ethical

Week 3 Case Study Activit

After completing this week’s reading, the concept map activity, and viewing the case study, reply to this forum and write about the following:

  • What concerns are being raised in this case and what ethical dilemma or dilemmas does this pose?
  • What is your personal reaction to the ethical dilemma that this case poses? Do you believe it is ethical, necessary, and appropriate for school personnel to monitor students’ social media activity outside of school? 
  • What ethical concepts, principles, and theories come into play in this case? Or, what ethical concepts, principles, and theories underlie your personal ethical beliefs about this issue?

Draw from vocabulary from the Budinger and Budinger reading, your concept map, or any other resources provided this week on ethical principles and theories and/or the 4 A’s approach that the authors describe for addressing ethical dilemmas. You are encouraged to also seek out additional resources on your own, if you find it helpful– just do a Google search using the key words “basic ethical principles” or “technology ethics theories” or any combination of our vocabulary terms this week.

**And again this week, use the ABC method to guide your writing in your post to ensure your writing is substantive, robust, and sufficiently detailed. For each of the questions I have posed for you above:

A: Answer or address the question.
B: Back it up with evidence (any additional information that will help support or explain) from the required reading, any other resources provided to you this week, or any other sources you seek out on your own. If there are any principles, theories, or vocabulary you don’t understand, do a Google search to find more information about it or a source that may describe it in a different way that may be easier for you to understand.
C: Add your comments or perspectives about it. What do YOU think about it or what are YOUR thoughts about the issue?

You don’t necessarily have to write a separate paragraph for each question this week, but you may if you find this helpful. You are welcome to craft your paragraphs in any way that makes the most sense to you.

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The post Writing About Ethical appeared first on Essay Writers.

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