Write an expository essay 2000 word APA referencing

Project Description

This is an essay directed at early childhood education. It is to write a 2000-word expository essay that responds to the following statement:

What are some key challenges early childhood professionals face in implementing contemporary inclusion policies and practices?

Introduction (approx. 200 words). Outline what your essay will cover and introduce your approach to addressing the essay statement.

Body (approx. 1600 words). Address the first two key areas in the body of your essay, connecting these with a broad view of contemporary policies and practices.

Conclusion (approx. 200 words). Present a summary of your response to the essay statement.

Reference list (not included in word count). List all references to the work and words of others correctly cited according to APA style.

! Important ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our use of language is so important! We want to show respect for all and we can look to the ‘People with Disability Australia’ website to help here!

As educators we demonstrate our inclusive attitudes and respect in our actions! This includes language ๐Ÿ™‚

Be sure to use inclusive, respectful language in your assessments!


Some common Q and A’s

Q 1 – “When looking through the marking criteria I notice we need to discuss the different perspectives. Are the perspectives the same as the factors?

A – The perspectives you might choose to cover could be the historical perspectives (eg. We have moved from a Medical model toward a Social model in ECE). You might choose to discuss the behavioural perspective/understandings, sociocultural perspectives etc

Factors are those issues that impact upon inclusion eg. financial considerations, policy, social stigmatism eg the medical vs social model. There are many more! Head to the Flipped Collaborate or the Tip Sheet for more examples!

Q 2 – Do we include the statement in the intro or refer to it anywhere throughout the essay??

A – Good question! You can present the statement on your Title Page


you could weave it into your introduction.


Please do refer to it throughout your essay.

By referring all your points to the essay statement you will be weaving your argument and justifying your own thesis statement!

List of Policy Documents

Please note that you are able to use State and National policy and curriculum in all the assessments in out unit!

As outlined in the flipped Collaborate, here is a list of some useful policies which you might use in your your assignment:

Early Years Learning Framework

National Quality framework

2005 Disability Standards for Education



UNICEF Rights for the Child