World Court of Human Rights Discussion help

World Court of Human Rights Discussion help



At this time there are over 20 different international courts and tribunals. The various courts address general disputes, criminal prosecutions, trade disputes, human rights violations, military disputes, and so on. Karen Alter’s article sets forth the varied courts and their responsibilities. She also discusses what effect international courts have upon a state’s domestic democracy.

Additionally, with so many such courts, one has to wonder if they are actually aiding in security. But how does one measure the efficacy of an international court? The article by Laurence Helfer discusses factors he believes should be examined in making such a determination.


Bearing in mind Ms. Alter’s research and the four factors Mr. Helfer sets out, discuss:

  • Should a World Court for Business and Human Rights (an international court addressing human rights violations by private entities) be created?
    • If such a court were to exist, would it be “successful”?
      • How would we know?
    • Should the United States become a part of it?
      • Why or why not?

Be sure to use valid sources, laws, etc. to support your position, not just rhetoric or political opinion.


Discuss and interact regularly with your classmates, bringing the discussion to a close by the end of Module 3 and please review and follow the Discussion Guidelines.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for detailed grading criteria.