Working draft writing homework help

Working draft writing homework help

Working Draft (25%) – I will attach the topic plan and proposal when accepted.

What to include in the Working Draft

Working title

Introduction (½ page)

This contains brief background information on the topic and states the research question(s) and/or research thesis.

Body (7-8 pages)

This is a structured overview indicating the organization of the paper described in the Research Proposal, using APA headings and incorporating appropriate sources. It should contain a discussion of three or more fully developed main points/arguments. It synthesizes information from five or more sources to support the developed point/argument.

Conclusion (½ page)

This is a paragraph that provides tentative answer(s) to the research question(s) and/or restates the thesis to call for a change in attitudes or action.

References (1 or more pages)

This is an APA style reference list, containing all and only the sources cited in the working draft.

Rubric for Evaluating the Working Draft (25%)

The Working Draft is an 8-10-page draft which includes an introduction, a synthesis of at least 5 articles to be included in the final paper, a conclusion, and a list of references.




Introduction – ½ a page

Includes brief background information


States research question(s)/research thesis


Body – 7-8 pages

Presents a structured body indicating organization, reflecting paper outline


Discusses at least three fully developed main points/arguments


Synthesizes 5 or more sources


Conclusion – ½ a page

Provides tentative answer to research question(s) or restates thesis to call for viewpoint change or call for action, etc.


References – 1 page

Contains all and only the cited texts



Is accurate in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word choice



Uses correct APA in-text citation


Includes correct APA references



Follows APA page layout (title page, running head, headings, font)