Windows Server Infrastructure Upgrade And Redesign At ELearning

Executive Overview

This is a proposal paper aiming at providing a solution for upgrading the infrastructure of windows server as well as redesigning at E-learning towards increasing efficiency and productivity alongside giving room for expansion of the organization. Elearning is planning to employees in Texas, Austin though Austin location is not having domain controllers yet it has to authenticate as well as access Active Directory services of Elearning. Austin is a new office location, is requiring incorporation of Active Directory towards allowing capabilities of authentication to be permitted as well accessing of the Active directory services of the Elearning. The organization is therefore in the process of ensuring that its system is upgraded as well as redesigned to windows server 2012 thus several things will have to be addressed towards enabling the organization to run having several rooms for future growth effectively. The organization is requiring a better design of new network concerning its development as well as organization’s experiences with occurrence of in the years that have passed. The organization has been having several incidents of security breaches being that they are not having operating system patches on workstations, antivirus software as well as having AV signatures that are outdated.