What do admission officers look for in a college essay?

Writing a college application essay can be quite a daunting task for students. But, as all colleges require a motivation letter/personal essay, all students have to write it.

However, by reading this article you can get an insight into what most admission officers look for in their application essays and write yours accordingly.

Young student writting an essay

How well can the applicant write:

As all colleges require their students to submit countless assignments in their academic careers, admission officers keenly judge your writing abilities. Your vocabulary, grammar and thought process are judged and marked by the admission officer.

So, when you write your college essay paper/personal statement, keep in mind that your grammar and writing style will be scrutinized carefully. Do not make any mistakes and submit a proofread essay.

Deep reflections that expose the student:

A complete college application consists of your SAT/ GRE/ GMAT scores and your transcripts. Undoubtedly, these scores play a great part in your admission, but in your essay, the admission officer is looking for clues beyond numbers and scores that explain your personality, ambitions and goals.

When you are writing your personal statement, include what sets you apart from all the others. Include deep reflections of your character, inspirations and motivations to explain to the admissions officer your true desires and motives to choose the particular career/college.

Will the applicant be suitable for the program:

Throughout your application essay, the admission officer is looking for clues that you have left, which would make you the ideal candidate for a position in the college. Other than your grades, your skills and experiences also matter a lot in contributing to your admission. So, mention all your skills you deem necessary and explain any work experience you have had and what it will bring to the college program you have chosen.

How will the applicant be helpful to the community?

This is another facet that admission officers look for, that how will the candidate help to serve the community at large with his/her degree. Although you should try to avoid sounding patronizing, but do highlight your community work, if you have any.

A good college essay requires a great of introspection and self knowledge to inspire the admissions officer. An essay that reflects the applicant as a naïve person or an essay that draws attention to too many negative traits will not be able to get you the admission, so make sure you are concisely highlighting your strengths and skill set.