use evidence based guidelines no more than five years old to answer the question listed, 2pgs. APA


Robert Ross is a 17 year-old male who presents with acute chest pain, palpitations, fever and malaise. He has had symptoms suggestive of a viral syndrome for the past week, but otherwise has no significant past medical history.

  • What questions would you ask to gather important diagnostic information?
  • How would you diagnose and manage this 17 year old male whose symptoms include palpitations, fever and malaise?
  • Which diagnostic studies would you recommend for this patient. Include the rationale for ALL diagnostics and Labs?
  • What physical exam findings and diagnostic results would be concerning to you and why?
  • What would be three differentials in this case?
  • Identify additional life threatening diagnoses that must be considered when a patient presents with acute chest pain.
  • What is the treatment (including rationale) for Robert and education for the family?
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