UMUC Role Of Host Cell Secretory Machinery In Zika Virus Life Cycle


Please note that the instructions say to use the schools database for one of the sources. You will not have access to that. Please use a different scholarly database such as google scholarly.

The essay and sources must be done in APA format.

Above is the link to the article that you have to do the critique on.

Choose two additional supportive sources: choose at least one website and one source found in the UMUC library database. (You can use a scholarly article from a different database such as google scholarly).

Web Source:

  • Use the criteria found on the UMUC library web page when evaluating your Internet source: (You will not have access to this. Please use a different scholarly database such as google scholarly)
  • Your Internet source must be from a reputable site such as NIH or CDC. Do not use personal websites, blogs, or sites that are for-profit (and thus may be biased).


Your critique should be 1,200 to 1,500 words, NOT including references, titles, etc. Your paper should be well-written, organized, and demonstrate a logical flow of information. It should also be spell-checked and grammatically correct.

Critique the article: There is a useful guide to Critical Analysis located in the Science Study Skills section of the classroom (located in the Course Content area under the link for Science Learning Center).

You should present your critique in the following format:

  • A summary of the article. Be sure to include:
    • Background information that led to the study. In the background you should include basic information about the topic. For example, if your article describes a study about tuberculosis, you should include a description of the disease as well as a description of the microbe that causes the disease. What are the characteristics of the organism that causes tuberculosis? Disease course? Etc. …
      • This is essentially a mini report. It should provide enough background information to give us an idea of why this research is important.
      • You should be sure that you are using reliable sources for information. You should integrate your two sources into your paper (remember in-text citations!).
  • A discussion of the science. Be sure to include:
    • What is the goal of the study?
    • Summary of the experiments done (include things such as sample size, length of experiments, dosages, etc.).
      • This should be thorough, so that the reader knows exactly what was done without having to read the article.
    • Include a brief summary of the findings of the study and why they are important.
    • Conclusions drawn from the study.
    • Are any future experiments planned?
  • Your opinion:
    • Faults, some things to consider:
      • Were there good controls? Why or why not?
      • Sample size too small or biased?
      • Conclusions not supported by experimental evidence?
      • Will this study apply to the general population?
    • If you find no faults, justify your reasons.
  • Real-World Application
  • Include your own thoughts and opinions on the topic. Relate the points/conclusions of the article to another issue in YOUR everyday life and/or to work you have completed in class. Be sure to make your contributions clear, such as “I believe …, I think …, etc.”
  • Citations. Cite all your references using APA format.
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