U.S Constitution

Read and carefully follow these instructions:

  Watch the entire C-SPAN Constitution video (0:18:00 minutes).
  Create a post for our class discussion and explain to your classmates and professor, in your view, which ONE of the three branches of the U.S. government is the most powerful and why?
Guidelines for your post and replies:

Use specific examples from this video (timestamp of the video required) to support your choice of governmental branch.
Of course, you are welcome to also rely on other resources from our Canvas site, textbook, homework quiz, or outside sources as well. When you do use sources other than the video, you will need to properly cite the source and if appropriate, use the skills you developed and discussed in our first week of class How to Evaluate News Sources.
Your post should be between 250 300 words.  Your replies should be a minimum of 3-4 well-constructed sentences that directly address your classmates’ posts and hopefully will include a question to encourage further discussion.

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