Tips on Writing Assignment on Employee Relations

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Assignment on Employee Relations
Assignment on Employee Relations

Employee Relations is, relatively, a newer term. It is a more effective term for “Industrial Relations”. It signifies managing a collective workforce, typically through a recognized union. Every employer wants to keep away from any disruption caused in business by union workers. Therefore, Employee Relations (ER) is a very important discipline to be studied and practiced by employers. It not only includes fundamentals of organizational behavior but also involves latest updated labor laws. This is an ever changing field of management and it is imperative for any company to always be on top of it. Therefore, many companies have a dedicated division to handle ER.

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A good assignment on ER should be based on well-rounded research and investigate and explore different types of industrial conflict and the procedures for resolving this. It should include latest changes and keep up to date with developments in dispute procedures in relation to employment law.

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You may, typically, be tested upon your understanding of the context of employee relations against a changing background, the nature of industrial conflict and its resolution, collective bargaining and negotiation processes and the concept of employee participation and involvement. You may be asked to write an assignment on defining the roots like the unitary and pluralistic frames of reference or explaining role of negotiation in collective bargaining. Or, you may be asked to explain more application based problem like evaluating the effectiveness of procedures used in a selected conflict situation.

Unitary framework references refer to attitudes, values and way of thinking of the mind in relating to the management practices. It represents an expected behavior of the employees, which reduces the conflict from the organization. In order to achieve a goals and objectives the organization and employees of an organization must share their roles in same propose, goals and objectives. On the other hand, pluralistic frame of references divides firm into different sub groups such as trade union and management. Every sub group has individual rules and regulations that they maintain. It helps an organization to build effective and more goal oriented relationship with employees.

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ER job becomes much tougher for companies to handle as they are dealing with a group of people and not just a single employee as they have to handle collective bargaining to avoid disputes. Collective bargaining ensures the workers are given fair share benefits. Therefore, in a simple word collective bargaining is the process of negotiation between employers and a group of employees. As one individual employee cannot communicate in an effective manner to the management or employer so trade union of the employees are involved in the collective bargaining process. Trade union of employees negotiate with the management about their demands and management of the company also negotiates with the union and try to reduce the demand as much as possible. Negotiation plays an important role in collective bargaining.


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Now, while answering any questions on application based questions you can explain how regular reviews, listening to employee problem, removing harassment from the organization, creating a fair opportunity for employees, taking recommendation from employees, building safe working place and developing open opinions are some of the technics that can help a company resolve conflicts. Keep in mind that a company must be well aware of Labor laws in that country. Otherwise, a single law suit may prove to be a disaster in terms of compensation money as well as bad publicity that comes with it. The related labor law is controlled by different authorities in different countries. Specifically, in UK, the legislation and EU directives play a major role in employee relations. You should be able to examine how these are applied in organizations.

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