The Norton Anthoogy World Literature

The Norton Anthoogy World Literature

Choose one of the following prompts and write a 750- to 1,000-word essay, using appropriate quotes from the literature as supporting evidence.

Use APA style in formatting your essay and citing the readings. Integrate quotes from the literature smoothly, and provide the page numbers for all direct quotes.

  • Choose a virtue you saw exemplified in one of the works of literature you read this week that is important for success in today’s workplace; possibilities include loyalty or courage in Roland. Explain the importance of the virtue, and use the example from the literature to illustrate it.
  • Choose one of the works of literature you read this week. Does it tell the truth about life and the consequences of human actions? Why or why not? Be specific in your discussion, and provide no more than three examples.

Here is the readings to choose from:

Read the following sections in the Norton Anthology of World Literature, Volume 1:

  • Background and introductory material:
    • “Circling the Mediterranean: Europe and the Islamic World,” pp. 801–815
    • “Song of Roland” introduction, pp. 985–988
    • “Dante Alighieri,” pp. 1049–1053
  • Epic poem:
    • Song of Roland, pp. 989–1029
  • Selections from Inferno from The Divine Comedy:
    • Canto I, pp. 1053–1057
    • Canto III, pp. 1060–1063
    • Canto V, pp. 1067–1070
    • Cantos XXI–XXIV, pp. 1121–1136
    • Canto XXXIV, pp. 1169–1172