the mammal at the top of the page biology homework help

the mammal at the top of the page biology homework help

create a hypothetical example that describes step by step how natural selection could operate on a mammal species

Your example should clearly and accurately describe how a variable trait in the mammal species is selected for or against as a result of whatever your environmental trigger may be, and how the populations changed. You may choose any non-domesticated mammal species you wish.

Your example must be original! Do not take an example from another source. You must create your own example. The trait, etc., you chose may be fictitious as long as your example accurately describes the process of natural selection.

You need to accurately explain the process of natural selection.

Provide the name of the mammal at the top of the page

  • Again, note that your example can be hypothetical as long as you accurately describe the evolutionary process (so, your example could describe selection for swimming in a squirrel population after Lake Michigan permanently washes over Illinois, even though this is not happening). Do not use a known example (such as moths and industrial melanism); you must make up your own.
  • Your post should be 1-2 paragraphs long (e.g., more than 3 sentences, less than 20 sentences)
  • Remember that natural selection cannot produce a new trait! It can only act on a trait that is already present.