The Cultural Differences between Thai and Laotian Women compare and contrast essay help

The Cultural Differences between Thai and Laotian Women compare and contrast essay help

you will examine the differences between Asian American Women of any ethnicity and compare/contrast with another racial/ethnic group. For example: you can select two Asian ethnicities to examine such as “The Cultural Differences between Thai and Laotian Women” or “Different Experiences of Latina and Chinese-American Women in America” You may use the internet to explore different websites, videos, articles, etc. to discuss more about your topic and add photos! However, will need to examine at least 3 scholarly articles and have a minimum of 4-5 pages. Most importantly, you must relate your paper back to the readings

Books : –

1. Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura, Asian/Pacific Islander American Women (A Historical Anthology), New York University Press, 2003

2. Lara Jo Foo, Asian American Women, 2nd edition, Lincoln, NE, IUniverse, Inc, 2007


Week 1 May 28th – June 3rd: Introduction to Class Readings: Foo – pg. xv-xxvi and Hune – Introduction pg. 1-16

Week 2 June 4th – June 10th Readings: Hune – PT 1 Re-envisioning Women’s History pg. 25-76

• Constructed Images of Native Hawaiian Women

• Unlearning Orientalism: Locating Asian and Asian American Women in Family History

• What happened to the Women? Chinese and Indian Male Migration to the United States in Global Perspectives Hune – PT II Revisiting Immigrant Wives and Picture Brides pg. 77-122

• Exclusion Acts: Chinese Women During the Chinese Exclusion Era, 1882-1943

• Housewives, Men’s Villages, and Sexual Respectability: Gender and the Interrogation of Asian Women at the Angel Island Immigration Station

• Redefining the Boundaries of Traditional Gender Roles: Korean Picture Brides, Pioneer Korean Immigrant Women and Their Benevolent Nationalism in Hawaii Optional Reading: Hune PT III – Recovering Women’s History Through Oral History and Journal Writing pg. 122 & pg. 138

Week 3 June 11th – June 17th Readings: Hune – PT IV Contesting Cultural Formations and Practices, Constructing New Hybrid Lives pg. 155-220 • “The Ministering Angel of Chinatown”: Missionary Uplift, Modern Medicine, and Asian American Women’s strategies of Liminality.

• Contested Beauty: Asian American Women’s Cultural Citizenship During the Early Cold War Era

• Passed into the Present: Women in Hawaiian Entertainment Hune PT V Reshaping Lives and Communities Pg. 221

• Imagined Community: Sisterhood and Resistance among Korean Military Brides in America, 1950-1997

• Managing Survival: Economic Realities for Vietnamese American Women

• Scared, yet Undefeated: Hmong and Cambodian Women and Girls in the United States Foo – CH8 Hmong Women in the United States