terrorism in USA writing homework help

terrorism in USA writing homework help

Through out this class we have discussed many threats and/or hazards that face our nation’s security. Some are natural, some are man made and some are accidental.

You will identify a single hazard that you believe poses a significant threat to our homeland security. You will then submit a paper, no less than five pages, in which you will:

1) Describe the hazard

2) Describe the associated risks

3) Indicate some mitigation efforts that could be done to reduce the risk associated with the hazard.

There are only two limitations. First, YOU CAN NOT USE A NUCLEAR DEVICE (bomb, etc) as your hazard. Second, it can not be on the same topic as your midterm paper.

You must use no less than five outside sources ( other than your textbook ). And , no, wikipedia still doesn’t count!

Please try and complete this assignment from a law enforcement point of view.

If you have any questions please ask!! Don’t wait until the last minute!

Remember, use the APA format. You do not need to include an abstract