Technology Young Children English homework help

Technology Young Children English homework help

Topic: Research Question: What is the appropriate use of technology and interactive media in early childhood education?

In 200 to 300 words, share a rough draft of one of your paper’s body paragraphs. Your paragraph must include a topic sentence, one direct quote, and one paraphrased passage. Integrate both of these elements into your paragraph using proper APA in-text citations. Below your body paragraph, provide the original text that you are paraphrasing and label it clearly as “Original Source Text.” Include an APA-formatted reference list for the sources noted in the body of your paragraph.

In a separate paragraph,

  • Explain how your topic sentence supports your thesis statement.
  • Explain how the quoted and paraphrased material supports your claims and/or adds credibility to your writing.

Below is my prior week assignment response with a thesis statement:


Children in modern times are growing up in the exposure of numerous forms of digital media. There are known effects of technology and interactive media, both positive and otherwise. As such, there are concerns about the kind of media exposure children should be permitted, or if they should be allowed any at all. Children are overly susceptible to influence during their development stage. Exposure to the wrong kind of technologies may impose detrimental effects on their development, most of which may be far-reaching. Considering that interactive media is here to stay, it is essential that safety measures for technology and interactive media usage among children are developed.


Digital literacy – conversance with the use of digital media and interaction with digital information and knowledge.

Interactive media – forms of media that facilitate active and creative use through social engagement.

Non-interactive media – forms of media that are fixed, passive, and self-contained, which often follow a preset narrative.

Digital citizenship – responsibility through the proper understanding of digital media and other technologies to avoid abuse and misuse.
Health issues – damage caused to the body either mentally, or physically, due to exposure to digital media and technologies.

Self-regulation – being in a position to control one’s use and interaction with technology without the need for intervention by others.

Thesis Statement

The use of interactive media for childhood learning presents challenges that threaten the proper development and learning in children, through over-exposure to unchecked technologies and the underlying detrimental effects these technologies present.