Supporting the Sweetened Beverage Act


3-4 pages plus resources in APA format answering the following questions using local/state health departments as the selected legislator’s constituency. (Portion of the constituency = local/state health departments)

1. What are the characteristics of the local/state health departments (demographics, percentage of population, typical employment, etc)

2. What are some of the specific ways that the legislator’s support of the sugar sweetened beverage act benefit the local/state health departments?

3. What are the most convincing pieces of information about the sugar sweetened beverage act that would influence the legislator and the local/state health department and why would they be convincing?

**Once paper is completed, also need a 1 page fact sheet. 1 page of information about why this portion of the constituency would benefit from the legislator’s support of your issue (Key points from responses to above questions). Information presented in a visually-appealing, low-text, persuasive manner. Be sure to list APA sources at the bottom of the fact sheet**