Summary and give A reaction Event title Piano Studio Recital writing homework help

Summary and give A reaction Event title Piano Studio Recital writing homework help

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Assignment: Event Recap

Event Title: Piano Studio Recital

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Time: 4:00 p.m.


There are four Chinese students played the piano in the piano studio recital. Professor. Yang taught them and hosted all the piano studio recital. They played the piano perfectly and influenced every audience. The most audiences are students who love classical music, they are intoxicated with

Debussy’ music.

The student Hong Shen played Debussy arabesque no.2. Debussy was a French composer. He only composted two arabesque in his whole life. The pair of arabesques composed when he was still in his twenties, between the years 1888 and 1891. He was one of the most famous representatives of the impressionist music.

Hong Shen told us this is she first time to play an impressionist piece. When she started to learn it, it was so hard, because she do not know how to Grasp the hazy feeling and created the colorful imagination. However, after she saw some impressionist paintings, she realized she can image this piece like a painting and make some distant effects.

The second arabesque in G major is noticeably quicker and more lively in tempo. It opens with left hand chords and right hand trills. The piece makes several transpositions and explores a lower register of the piano. Again notable is a hint of the pentatonic scale. It closes in a similar fashion to the first arabesque. The style more closely resembles some of Debussy’s later works.