Speaker Feedback Paper

Entrepreneurial Mindset for Engineers

Speaker Feedback Paper

Assignment Content and Format

This course includes three speaker presentations from industry. One speaker will present their entrepreneurial journey, challenges and opportunities. The other two will provide a discussion that represents the intrapreneurial mindset and/or the entrepreneurial engineer within an organization. Most speakers will use a PowerPoint presentation. You are encouraged to take notes during the presentation. Time will be provided to engage the speaker and to ask questions. All Speaker Feedback Papers are due one week after the presentation Papers are to be submitted online in Canvas by 11:59 PM.

Your individual assignment is to prepare a feedback paper on the presentation that includes two sections:

  • Narrative overview and/or summary of the presentation
  • Lessons learned from the discussion. A bullet format may be used for this section of the paper.
  • Each section of the paper must be clearly identified as “Overview and Lessons Learned “
  • Papers submitted should be reviewed for sentence structure, grammar and spelling. The use of the Academic Achievement Center as a resource is encouraged.