Services, Pricing and Distribution

This essay will answer the following questions about the Coca-Cola company focusing on their main product “coke”. There needs to be a minimum of 4 scholarly articles and should be formatted in APA with 12 pt Times New Roman font.

MMIP – Services, Pricing and Distribution Questions
Q1. Describe the support services needed by buyers of the product/service. Describe the support services offered by the firms main competitor. How are they different? (Ch. 14)
Q2. Describe post-sale service arrangements the firm does or should provide. How does the firms repair/service efforts impact customer satisfaction? (Ch.14)
Q3. Discuss the firms new product screening process. Discuss possible sources of new product ideas. (Ch. 15)
Q4. Discuss the firms pricing method or methods. Explain the price adaptations (discounts, promotions, etc.) the firm should use. (Ch. 16)
Q5. Discuss the firms distribution strategy. Explain the channels used to distribute the product. (Ch. 17)

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