Science Fiction Essay NEED ON TIME!! 850 word minimum


Find a SciFi short story, novel, film, or comic featuring an iconic depiction of an alien or the other, and argue that the text and use of the character is truly allegorical in nature. What is the alien in the story meant to represent?

Explain to your readers that the story of the alien you’ve selected is in some way reminiscent of historical events. Develop your argument with a careful analysis of the primary text, and offer an evaluation of any material you borrow from an outside source.

Prepare a critical interpretation of your selection 850 Words Minumum.). Focus your thoughts into a specific thesis statement, and synthesize scholarly sources into your work to support your assertions. If you’re having trouble beginning, consider the themes, texts, and terminology we’ve been discussing in class, such as the definition of SciFi, its history, aliens, icons, and/or artificial life.

Present your paper’s initial thesis statement in a single sentence at the end of your introduction. This thesis statement concludes something about the work being considered, and will explain to your audience the nature of the allegory you’ve identified.

Include in your essay an introduction which catches the reader’s attention, provides context for understanding your main point, and contains the thesis statement; support paragraphs which are logically organized, well-synthesized, and provide substantial evidence to support your position; and a satisfying conclusion, which makes a concluding claim that is in some way related to your introduction.

Remember to address the conventions of syntheses:

  • Center your essay around a specific thesis statement
  • Mention the title of the piece on which you are writing and either its author(s) or creator(s)
  • Refer to characters by first names, and creators/authors by surnames
  • Incorporate into your essay academic-quality sources
  • Include a works-cited page; refer to the Purdue OWL for MLA (8th edition) style guidelines
  • No first- or second-person pronouns
  • Proofread your work prior to your final submission
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