Regarding early pregnancy loss. Please answer correctly


Regarding early pregnancy loss
1. A woman presents for the second time with vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain, her cervix is closed. A scan 1 week previously noted an intrauterine gestation sac. On rescanning she is now found to have an empty uterus. She can be reassurred that she has suffered a complete miscarriage and needs no follow up 2. A woman presenting in early pregnancy with heavy vaginal bleeding, an open cervical os and an echogenic area in the uterine cavity should be told that she is having an inevitable abortion and needs an immediate uterine evacuation 3. An incomplete miscarriage differs from a complete miscarriage as judged by a closed cervical os in presence of heavy vaginal bleeding 4. A Rhesus negative woman presents with a complete miscarriage, the injection of anti-D is unnecessary 5. In a woman with a threatened miscarriage, if a scan shows a fetal heart the risk of a miscarriage is

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