Reflective Assignment on Life and Death

Reflective Assignment on Life and Death

Reflective Assignment on Life and Death

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Part A: Analyze your own values on ONE of the following topics: Active voluntary euthanasia/assisted suicide or abortion. How would you respond to a patient under your care who was deliberating such a choice? Provide at least 2 references for your patient with one for each side of the topic. Provide 2 professional resources for a colleague who might encounter this situation. Do NOT exceed 2 full pages double-spaced for this discussion. You may include a separate page for references. Papers under 1 full page will receive a deduction.

Part B: Personal reflection (½ to 1 page double-spaced). After researching this topic, how do you feel? You may include your opinion on this topic or just give a general statement about how you felt overall while discussing/researching this topic/assignment.

Professional Liability Insurance Assignment

1. Do you carry your own individual professional liability insurance?

a. Yes

i. Explain your reasons for having liability insurance. How long you have had the coverage? (5 points)

ii. Find your policy and answer the questions for #2 a-e for your individual policy (10 points- 2 points per question)

iii. Feel free to explore your employer’s coverage for you if you desire.

iv. Answer question # 3 (10 points)

b. No

i. After reading Chapter 10, do you see a need to change your current professional liability insurance status? Analyze and defend your position. (5 points)

ii. Explore your employer’s coverage and answer question #2 a-e. (10 points- 2 points per question)

iii. Answer question #3 (10 points).

2. If you do not have your own coverage, explore your employer’s coverage for you as a RN. You may need to talk to someone in human resources, legal department, or risk management to determine this if you do not remember or know this. If you have your own coverage, find the answers in your policy for a-e.

a. What type is it? Occurrence-based or claims-made?

b. List at least 3 exclusions in your employer or own policy.

c. Does it cover defense costs? If so, give a few details.

d. Does the policy provide supplementary payment such as lost days of work or investigation time needed for the nurse-defendant? If so, give a few details.

e. Is Good Samaritan activities covered and limits of liability included on your policy or the institution’s policy?

3. Poll nurses with whom you work or nurses that you know about the advantages of professional liability insurance. Do those you interviewed have individual policies? List the reasons given for having or not having individual policies. What reasons were mentioned more frequently? Based on your readings, were their reasons valid? Determine if any of the nurses cited reasons related to ethical principles. Are the ethical rights of patients or nurses better served if nurses have professional liability insurance? Are there any ethical principles that would negate having such coverage? – Write a summary paragraph of your findings/views.


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