Professional Business Report


Marketing Strategy

Problem Statement Rubric

Proper problem statements are constructed from an awareness of the realities of the business world. Reciting what the case gives you as a problem is wasteful. Discussing the history of the industry is probably not useful either.

The following rubric is based on the idea that the real world creates limits. That is: There are only so many marketing strategies that make sense given the real conditions.

Therefore, to quickly analyze any case follow the rubric to develop a complete Problem Statement:

  1. Identify the organization type,      industry, and business orientation. Organizations tend to be either      Finance focused, Production/Operations focused, or Marketing focused. If you think the organization has a      different focus, or multiple foci, it would be smart to read the case more      deeply.
  2. Identify the industry and product      lifecycles. Lifecycle is not a      fact, it is a tool for analysis.
  3. (If relevant) Identify the      relationship of the SBU to the organization. Note: in some cases the      organization and the SBU are the same. Think BCG.
  4. Discuss the competitive      environment. Think 5-Forces Model.
  5. Discuss the resources      available. Not just money, but      things like patents, people, brand, channels, distribution systems, and      workforce.

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The post Professional Business Report appeared first on Essay Writers.

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