Privacy in the Cloud

Privacy in the Cloud



Review both the PIA Code of Practice from the UK:CIO and the IRS PIA Model. Both are good examples of generic questions that should be part of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The IRS example site has additional examples of PIA documents. Using the links above as a starting place, create your own minimum 2 page PIA for Cloud Computing template with questions that might be used as a prototype for any type of organization. Include at least two additional sources for PIA information, templates, or guidance.

Your assignment should be in a Word compatible document with proper attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All references and citations must be in APA or MLA format.

Attach the document to this assignment link. This assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length. Any misspellings, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar issues will result in deductions from the total score.…