power point marketing

Students will develop a 4-6 slide ppt presentation that is an assessment of a luxury brand. Students can select any brand of personal interest for the assignment. Brands selected for this assignment must be approved by the professor on a first-come basis. Duplicate requests will not be allowed, no exceptions. Students must notify the professor of their brand preference for this assignment by Week 2.

Luxury Brand Voice Guideline

For this assignment, students will select a luxury brand for which they will produce the necessary brand voice guidelines. The information below provides instructions for preparing the 4-6 slide presentation.

Brand Voice Guideline: students will identify and interpret the (1) brand personality and (2) visual style. The investigation should include the name, logo, slogan/taglines, colors, images and other elements that characterize the brand in the marketplace. Students should think about how to creatively use the limited space allotted for communicating the Brand Voice Guidelines. (2-3 slides)
Marketing Communications Sampling: students will identify a sample of brand communications across multiple communication vehicles currently in use and evaluate their effectiveness in supporting the brand voice. Students will recommend actions to correct major discrepancies between the newly compiled Brand Voice Guideline and actual brand messaging activities. (2-3 slides)
An appendix containing summary descriptive or visual content is permitted. (3 slides max)


APA 6th ed. style referencing

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