Overall Course Assessment


You have been hired as a Portfolio Analyst at the Bank of Wealth Investment Advisors. Your supervising Portfolio Manager asked you to prepare a hypothetical portfolio that encompasses the securities concepts discussed in this course.

You will develop a PowerPoint presentation that explains your recommendation for a hypothetical portfolio that you would like Bank of Wealth to launch. Your presentation will include:

  • The evaluation of traditional and non-traditional holdings
  • Risk mitigation and avoidance techniques that can be used for the portfolio
  • A recommendation on the type of investor the portfolio would be suited for

A PowerPoint presentation will provide brief and clear information on the required subjects. Typically, bullet points are used in a PowerPoint presentation; however, since the Portfolio Manager needs to understand the analysis thoroughly, your presentation should be more detailed and offer supporting evidence, including a reference list. Be sure to use the Notes section under each slide to incorporate details. Here is a link to information about adding speaker notes. You can use the following link for additional help with PowerPoint.

You will also prepare an executive summary document that highlights your analysis. In it, introduce some background on the rationale for your holding selections. This link offers some guides on how to create an executive summary. The summary should not be more than two pages long.

  1. The presentation should give the Portfolio Manager enough information to follow your recommendations and holdings for the new portfolio. Be sure to use audience-specific language and tone in the presentation. Remember, you are assembling this presentation for the Portfolio Manager and the senior leadership.
  2. Be creative by developing a “catchy” name for your portfolio, and make your presentation fun, yet still clearly organized.

The following six competencies will be addressed in your presentation:

  • Differentiate diverse market types to utilize market mechanics.
    • Include a discussion of how the current securities regulations would affect your portfolio. Also, you will need to explain on which market your new portfolio will be launched.
  • Evaluate equity and fixed income securities.
  • Examine types of securities and asset classes.
    • In this section, select which securities will be held in your portfolio (specifically, whether you are going to hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) and non-traditional assets. Be sure to explain why your mix is a good fit for your portfolio.
  • Compare forms of fundamental and technical analyses.
    • Explain the purpose of technical and fundamental analyses of your selected assets in the portfolio.
  • Appraise the uses of derivative instruments to construct practical applications for investors.
    • Explain your rationale for the inclusion or exclusion of derivatives from your portfolio.
  • Evaluate multiple risk types and their impact on different securities.
    • Select and explain your risk mitigation and avoidance techniques that you will utilize for this portfolio.

APA formatting for the reference list, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is available here.