November 2023 Each entry 7 should be brief and no more than a page 250 to

3 Business Journals

Business Finance

Each entry (7) should be brief and no more than a page (250 to 500 words) with at least two citations/references, but relevant and substantial enough to progress through a sequence of data, information, knowledge, to understanding and wisdom. 

1 Journal topic: Foreign Exchange Markets, Currency Management and Risks and International Monetary Systems.   Read: Chapters 10 & 11

2 Journal topic: company strategic positioning, entering and competing effectively in the global setting.       Read: Chapters 12 & 13 Read: lcm-dd-manufacturing-issuebrief-come-closer.pdf

3 Journal topic(choose three): Export and Import Financing, Global Sourcing, Global Production, Transportation, Emerging Strategies: Reshoring/Next-Shoring and HR Practice in Global Markets.        Read: Chapters14-17

Read: Releases/2011/ManufacturingTalent.pdf