Network connection methods

Network connection methods

As an IT professional, it is important to regularly assess emerging technologies, like new topics and characteristics in cloud computing.

Assignment Guidelines

Choose a small local business and assume the role of an IT consultant for them. The business is growing and the owners have told you that they “want to stay relevant, technologically speaking.” Consider what a small business might need, and explore how the main characteristics of cloud computing might help them. Would you recommend a new model, a new paradigm, a new network design? In your discussion, detail some of the pros and cons of cloud computing and share ways the business you choose could use cloud computing to meet its computing needs (depending on the business, you may want to argue that it should not use cloud computing or may not be ready for it yet). Make sure you include recommendations on how you would expect cloud computing to integrate with existing wired and wireless technology.

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

  • A double-spaced paper of 5 pages that includes your recommendation as an IT consultant and the five characteristics of cloud computing