Need health and medical help with a Case Study Analysis on an immigrant with diabetes


413 CaseStudyIntegrative2015-1.docx 

Please review the attached integrative case study, and provide a 3-4 page writeup of the case, including answers to the 4 case questions.

In your case analysis, you must provide an overview of the facts in the case (i.e. what are the key facts in the case, and what problem(s) with the issues of living independently for life does it address), followed by the answers to the case questions, and finally a conclusion (does the housing alternative effectively permit these individuals to live independently for life – why or why not). The questions count 20 points each, and the overview & conclusion count 20 points together.

 Spelling and grammar will be counted as part of the grade for this assignment 

I encourage you to use research in your answers to the 4 case study questions.  Please make sure that you provide in-text citations for any research or references that you use, and list the references in APA 6.0 format at the end of your case study writeup.

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