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Could you do this assignment please..

The book is :

Text Book: MKTG7, 10th Edition

Authors: Lamb/Hair/McDaniel

Publisher: South-Western, Cengage Learning


Listen to what another author says about marketing channels and supply chains.

What other types of firms might be part of the supply chain? Explain your answer. Be sure to answer the questions and respond to 2 peers.

post should be 200-250 words and you must respond to TWO of my peers’ post using a minimum of 50 words for each peer response. (I will send my peers’ post when you accept)

*Responses such as “I agree” “Great post” or “I like your post” are not acceptable responses and will not earn any credit.

-I’m an international male student

-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.

Thank you..

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