1.  Explain why we need a 3-way handshake in TCP? Why not just 2-way?

2.  What is RAD? List an advantage and a disadvantage of using RAD.

3.  Discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of agile methods.

4.  What is scope creep in software development? Explain three ways to deal with scope creep.  

5.  AAA Medical Devices is a manufacturer of portable and wearable medical monitoring devices. They have developed a glucose monitor embedded in a wristband. The device is powered by body heat and senses glucose levels from minute quantities of perspiration. AAA wants to develop a Real-Time Glucose Monitoring (RTGM) system which will be using this device. AAA is planning to see the software to other health systems worldwide.

The software should be accessible on smartphones with Bluetooth capability.  

The project has commenced, and you are appointed as a Systems Analyst to understand the requirements of the new system.

Think about the potential users of the system and discuss three fact-finding techniques that you would use to collect the requirements of the new system. 

  Note:need to provide  references for all of the questions.