implementing a sales training program

Individual Paper:  You will complete a paper (8 pages NOT including references or title page) and you will choose a topic and company. It is worth 200 points.
Choose between the following topics:
· personal selling process
· motivating a sales force
· selecting and hiring salespeople
· implementing a sales training program
· leadership in a sales force
And you will chose a company to write about


· Amazon
· Wal-Mart
· SalesForce
· Nike
· Pepsi
You MUST chose ONE company and ONE topic. You cannot chose your own company or topic. Only these are approved.
Resources to help you:
The companies selected and topics will give you a WIDE variety to write about. For example: Amazon World Services as a leader in a sales force. Or Personal Selling Process on Amazon. Another example would be Motivating a sales force at a Nike store. The possibilities are great so find a topic that works for you.
Each of these topics are in detail in our texbook: Mark W. Johnston and Greg W. Marshall, Sales Force Management, Leadership, Innovation, Technology  Twelfth Edition, 2016 Routledge: New York, NY
You will also find a lot of information about each topic located in the powerpoints in “supplemental material” on the left hand tab in the course.
Each company is publicly traded and has massive amounts of information about each of these five topics on their websites.


Remember, Title and reference page is not included in the eight pages. You must have at least eight references. The paper will be submitted through Blackboard.
The post implementing a sales training program ACADEMIC ASSISTERS. ACADEMIC ASSISTERS.

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