i need help to find short answer

i need help to find short answer

1- Summarize the 10 major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 .

2- Discuss and describe the role of Health and Human Services and specifically the role of three (3) Operating Divisions. i.e. FDA, NIH, CMS, CDC etc

3- What are the ABCs of Life? What is the Results Pyramid?How can you apply the “Results Pyramid” to your relationships personally and professionally.

4- Define and discuss the Health Insurance Marketplace

5- Describe five milestones of medicine and medical education and their importance to health care.

6- Explain the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

7- Share a summary of what you learned from any of our five guest speakers. What did they share? What were your key takeaways? What facts did you learn about them? What are you going to do differently based on what you learned?