HR discussion due tomorrow 4pmEST

Please complete the following two activities please. Please use the following sources attached for this discussion. If using outside sources other than what has been provided, it cannot be from another school. This is due tomorrow by 4pm EST.
No plagiarism – I will check!

Activity 1

Think of a situation in your job in which you need to communicate a negative message.

1. Develop a written message that states the message clearly.

2. Describe how you would present the negative message in person

Draw on the four parts of a negative message reviewed in the text: (1) Buffer or cushion, (2) Explanation, (3) Negative News, and (4) Redirect

Activity 2

· Select one of the scenarios based on your birth month (which will be April) from the linked document (attached in separate attachment). Please remember to state the month you have selected which will be April.

· Develop a crisis communication plan for your selected scenario. See Section 17.3 of your text to learn about the components of an effective crisis plan (this is attached in separate document)

The post HR discussion due tomorrow 4pmEST ACADEMIC ASSISTERS. ACADEMIC ASSISTERS.

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