How a centralized system for universities has helped them improve their communication?

The growth and penetration as well as the importance of technology in the education sector is now simply undeniable. From students to universities and their stakeholders, everyone is dipping their hands within the blessing of this technological pool of innovation and breakthroughs. When we talk about universities, besides improving their education deliverables, they can take up many other advantages of using technology as their key parameter in the growth.

communication system

Using technological breakthroughs in different areas can not only initiate an automated flawless process of operations, but also improve effectiveness. One area where we will focus today is the centralized communication network initiated by universities across the globe. By using the advantage of intranet like programming and platforms, universities can now devise one centralized system through which they can communicate with thousands of students in all contexts. Some of the ways through which universities can benefit themselves by using this centralized system are:

One point to gather everyone

Whether it’s a new student, a potential student or a passing student, a centralized communication system can bring all the students together in the shape of category wise interface and make it absolutely smooth for universities to know each and everything about them. Rather than keeping thousands of files, just one system can make things smooth for universities.

One voice to channel all communications

Be it announcing the results, important assignment dates or keeping formal connections between students and teachers supervised, one centralized communication system can help universities have one voice to channel all its communication systems without any hiccups. This way both students and teachers will know there is only one way to connect and talk about important things. It becomes an integral part of the system students and teachers work on. So many universities have portals like E-vision to practice this centralized communication system.

Data storage

Instead of collecting data through multiple sources, you can arrange for data collection through this single centralized system. It can be the data about student profiles, their results, their courses or other degree related information, you can store everything by just pressing a few clicks on the go.


A single communication platform available through online access can be accessible to everyone anywhere around the world. So students on leave can also check important messages through thisplatform without having to wait to go back to the university again. This not only makes communication effective, but also improved and assured.