history of communication

There are other ways to study the history of communication aside from interviewing people.  Please take the same topic that you conducted your interview on for Exam Question #2 and use a different method to learn and report more about it.  If you did not complete Exam Question #2, please take a look at that exam question’s description and choose one of the events on the list. 

Topic: First time they saw Color TV


            Make sure that your response is one page (APA style) or less.  Points will be deducted if your response is longer than one page.  Please provide a succinct but thorough response.  Learning to write within a word limit is a valuable skill.

            Be sure to include references in APA format.  References do not count against your word limit.  References should be on a separate page. Please also include a title/cover page.

General Grading Criteria

The following is a general guideline regarding the 5 different categories on the rubrics.  Please see comments in Carmen for more details when you get your grade back, but this is a general note:

Exceptional responses briefly but succinctly combine information from lecture and outside sources (we will talk about using the library).  The response is extremely well written and organized in APA format.  There is little to no room for improvement. Exceptional responses demonstrate that you can reiterate information from the lecture and other course materials, find and integrate additional relevant information on your own from sources outside of the course materials, and incorporate your own original analysis.
Above Average responses briefly but succinctly answer the questions, combining information from the class as well as information from outside class.  There is some additional information that may improve the response but overall it is above average.
Average responses meet the minimum requirements of the assignment.  However, information needs to be clarified or there is information that is incorrect.  Improvements could be made in organizing information from different sources.
Needs Improvement means there was some key information missing or inaccurate/irrelevant information included.
Not Addressed generally means that the information was missing or inaccurate.

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