History #5

HIS 100 Theme 3: Learning Block 5-3 Historical Context Chart
Prompt: To understand your event, you need to understand the world in which that the event took place. First, list your research topic and the revised research question you plan to address moving forward. Then, choose two secondary sources related to your research topic and provide the citation for each in the chart. You may use secondary sources from previous assignments. Next, explain in the chart what the source tells you about the historical context behind your topic. In the last chart column, explain how the context provided by the source will help you write your thesis statement, answering your research question.
Historical Context Chart
Research Topic: South African arpithied

Selected Revised Research Question: Rewrite the revised research question you would like to address here

Secondary Source Citation
Historical Context of Event
Support Your Thesis Statement

First secondary source citation
What does this source tell you about the historical context behind your topic?
To understand your topic, you need to understand the world in which the event(s) took place.
Explain how the context provided by the source will help you support your thesis statement, answering your research question

Second secondary source citation


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