Global Expansion Project business and finance homework help

Global Expansion Project business and finance homework help

Expanding operations requires research and planning; this is especially true when dealing with crossing borders to other regions and countries. During this first project assignment, the focus is to conduct background research on your chosen company (can be a real company or fictional with product or service), the country, or region of expansion, and the product itself. Be creative!!!

Create a 5-7 slide presentation using the speaker’s notes section for your content and the slides for presentation purposes. Include the following information:

  1. Present a brief overview of the company (real or fictional)
  2. Provide a brief description of the product to include its features, benefits, and limitations
  3. Conduct an environmental analysis of the country desired for expansion

Your presentation should be proofread for spelling and grammar. Your presentation slides should be concise.

Please note that many other projects will follow this and if you can do a great presentation I will connect with you on the next 4 I need to have done!