Fundamental and Technical Analyses


Compare forms of fundamental and technical analyses.


You have just completed your first training for the new class of interns at your employer, Bank of Wealth Investment Brokers. Part of your role as the new Portfolio Analyst is to train the new research interns on all of the facets of investing. You have now been asked to conduct another training on the purpose of fundamental and technical analyses with examples and explanations of equations.

You will need to develop a PowerPoint presentation that explains the differences and similarities of fundamental and technical analyses. Include in your presentation a few examples of equations used for company analysis such as ROE, EPS, PE ratio. A PowerPoint presentation will provide brief and clear information on the required subject. Often, bullet points are utilized in a PowerPoint presentation; however, since interns will be expected to know and understand the material thoroughly, your presentation should be more detailed and offer supporting evidence, including a reference list. Be sure to use the Notes section under each slide to add information. Here is a link to information about adding speaker notes.

  1. The presentation should give the interns enough information to understand the similarities and differences of fundamental and technical analyses. Be sure to use audience-specific language and tone in the presentation. Remember, you are writing this presentation for the interns; however, the Portfolio Manager may attend.
  2. Be creative, and make your presentation fun, yet still clearly organized. In addition, you can use this link for help on creating a