Financial Aspect economics homework help

Financial Aspect economics homework help

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Pressure ulcer is significant health concern in all health care facilities. Pressure ulcers result in significant morbidity and mortality and are associated with high cost in terms of human suffering, cost of treatment, and possible litigation. “Pressure ulcers are highly preventable with proper care, monitoring, and treatment, health care providers must remain vigilant in preventing their development. This is not only to prevent accompanying physical pain and discomfort, but to avoid the distressing social and psychological effects that arise as a result of the development of pressure ulcers as well.” (California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog, 2013) Author and her mentor highly interested in educating and motivating all nurses to provide waffle mattress to all patients who are at high risk for developing pressure ulcer. Author and Mentor will communicate with supervisor and with support of manager planning to present proposal of imperatively providing waffle mattress to all patients who are at the risk of impair skin integrity in front of Community Medical Regional Center’s management board for approval.

Financial Aspect: Every year U.S health care system spent billions of dollars to treat pressure ulcer and complications associated with it. Hospital-acquired pressure ulcer is one of the most common avoidable health condition which affecting more than 1 million patients annually. In 2008, Medicare and Medicaid also discontinued reimbursement to hospitals for hospital acquired pressure ulcer. Waffle mattress cost about $ 150- 240 per mattress on other hand dynamic mattresses cost estimate is about $ 2,000 per mattress. It is very clear that waffle mattress is one of very cheap, simple and effective measure to prevent pressure ulcer.

Quality Aspect: Waffle matters is inflatable overlay on hospital bed to improve circulation and helps to prevent and treat pressure injuries. Early identification of risk factors and providing waffle mattress in timely manner is necessary to eradicate enormous pain and suffering and to reduce healthcare expenditures by millions of dollars. Waffle mattress easy to clean and transport. It is non-powered, doesn’t produce any noise, heat or coolness. “Safe and secure low profile design provides patient safety and adjustable straps secures mattress to the bed. Air passage holes allow for circulation, heat and moisture dissipation. Static air technology prevents and heals pressure ulcers.” (Med Help Express, 2017)

Clinical Aspect: Waffle mattress can be used for any patient who are at risk for developing pressure ulcer and any skin breakdown. There are more than 100 factors have been identified as placing patient high risk for developing pressure ulcer. Waffle mattress not only effective to treat and prevent pressure ulcer but also very helpful in pain management. Waffle mattress increase comfort and help to reduce constant pressure on bony prominence of the body.