Essentials of Leadership Assignment

Essentials of Leadership Assignment

Essentials of Leadership Assignment

Essentials of Leadership Assignment

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Week 1 discussion Essentials of Leadership A leader has the ability to combine commitment for improvement with knowledge regarding how to exercise influence and engage support (Dickson &Tholl, 2014). In the areas of nursing and public health, the focus is on improving health. Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) noted several major tasks of 21st-century healthcare leaders. Applying essentials of leadership, select two (2) tasks from the following list of tasks and discuss how you would exercise influence and engage support for each of your selected tasks. Deconstructing the barriers and structures of the 20th century Alerting staff about the implications of changing what they do Establishing safety around taking risks and experimenting Embracing new technologies as a way of doing work Reading the signposts along the road to the future Translating the emerging reality of health reform into language that the staff can use Demonstrating personal engagement with health reform Helping others adapt to the demands of a value-driven health system Creating a safe milieu for the struggles and pain of changing practice and service Enumerating small successes as a basis for supporting staff

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As the question of what makes a good leader is pored over and examined further by business analysts, law enforcement and educational institutions, new developments arise in leadership theory and methodology. The one thing that remains the same is the understanding that leadership is the catalyst under which all elements of an organization work together.

What Are the Key Elements of Leadership?
Here are seven aspects of leadership that can serve as a springboard to success for anyone occupying a leadership role:

1. Transparency
When a leader is transparent, they are challenged less by those they oversee. Good leaders use transparency to help those around them embrace change, which can be accomplished with a combination of communication, informed debate, shared decision-making, reaching a consensus and using social media. People should know why and how a leader has come to a decision and in what ways it will affect them. Transparent leaders are not micromanagers; they give credit to others when success occurs, and take the blame for failures.

2. Learn from Failure
Experiencing failure has the power to shape a leader. It is a powerful resource for learning and teaches survival, renewal and innovation. Embracing failure enables us to change and inspire others. Leaders must be willing to take great risks and fail or great reward can never be attained. In the process, leaders gain great perspective about people and who it is they can trust.

3. Trust
One of the core principles of leadership is trust. In the past, leadership was scarce and special, a function of powerful people. In the modern day, that vertical model of leadership is less effective. Today, success is attained by being able to collaborate with someone a leader has no power over in pursuit of common goals. In other words, a good leader no longer trusts in power, but places their faith in the power of trust. Additionally, a leader is the trustee in any relationship and in order to be effective, must be trustworthy as well as willing to take the risk of placing trust in the people around them.

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