Environmental Student Action Plan assignment help

Environmental Student Action Plan assignment help

This is a 2 page minimum, 6 page maximum, double spaced plan written individually by you.
(I want to have at least 3 page)

The paper should address how you view nature and ecological integrity. Do you value nature or take it for granted?

The purpose of the Student Action Plan is to allow you to look at yourself, evaluate how you use resources, how your use of resources affects others and most importantly, what role you will play in helping make the planet better for all living things. What actions will you take?

The assignment is not difficult. I want you to be honest and truthful. If you plan on doing nothing, tell me that, BUT TELL ME WHY. I would question why you took this class in the first place, but I will respect your position if you can tell me why you decided to not take action.

Your plan should answer the following questions:

1) What is your view of Nature? Do you put value in it? Why or why not?

2) How do you use resources? Make a list of the resources you use each and every day. Are they renewable or non renewable? Tell me why it is important to be able to determine and understand this.

3) Based on your use of resources, is your carbon footprint positive to the environment, negative or neutral? Make sure to state why.

4) How does your use of resources affect other living things and others around the world?

5) What are your sustainability goals? What can you do to be kinder to the environment? What can you do?

6) What is your timeline? When will you start and specifically what will you do?

Upload your document by the posted deadline.