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(1) Email-essay scenario: The data has been collected and analyzed. Time has come to make a decision and a plan based on the results of the analysis. As team lead for this project, your boss (or team) believes you have unique insights into the topic and wants your recommendation(s). What do you believe the company (or team) should do? What evidence* supports your recommendation(s)?

Remember: You already know what Netflix did in this decision making process.


Summary of what you and the data analysis team learned in the analysis process*. What are the key findings? (Qualitative is fine, no numbers necessary.)
At this point in the process, what is the desired outcome from this project? Include a quantified goal or goals.
What question, if any, need to be answered to make the decision at this point?
Specific recommendation, including enough information for another team to take over. You can say that you’re going to pass on data or code too. (e.g. in the Salesforce case, HR might take charge of the execution, but you can say you’ll give them the data about who needs to be paid more, you don’t need to give specific numbers)
* Use the evidence from the case study and other research you may have done. If there’s information you can’t find, feel free to things up, as long as the made up information is reasonable.

Audience: Write your recommendations in the form of an email to your boss. Keep in mind they may forward the email their superiors.


Use in line citations where appropriate
Include a reference list/bibliography
Minimum 300 words

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The post email essay appeared first on Savvy Essay Writers.

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