EHR Implementation Pros/Cons

EHR Implementation Pros/Cons

EHR Implementation Pros/Cons

EHR Implementation Pros/Cons


Week 1 EHR Implementation Pros/Cons Essay Write an essay detailing the benefits and potential consequences of implementation of a new EHR platform within a healthcare setting. Your essay should be two to three pages in length. Compose your essay in APA format with a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page. Cite one to two scholarly references in APA format. An abstract is not necessary. Examples of scholarly sources include professional journal articles and books obtained from library databases, national guidelines, and informatics organizations, published within the last five years.

It’s difficult to imagine a contemporary industry that doesn’t rely on computers and customized software to ensure that employees can work more productively and effectively. In the field of medicine, computerization is required in order to manage the enormous volume of data that medical practices, clinics, and hospitals create and store for each patient. EHR software saves practices time and money, as well as helps them communicate instantly with insurers, hospitals, and referring physicians.

However, not all medical organizations have made the transition from a paper-based system to electronic health record or EHR software. Stakeholders in such organizations typically require some additional facts to help them make a decision about computerizing their records.

It is prudent for a medical practice manager or owner to want to evaluate the potential benefits as well as possible drawbacks of deploying an EHR solution before committing to installing it on the premises. Here are pros and cons of Electronic Health Records that will help your team in the decision-making process.

Pros of Electronic Health Records

When you computerize your records with a certified EHR, you can now demonstrate Meaningful Use and obtain the financial incentives offered by Medicare and Medicaid (the government encourages EHR usage in the name of efficiency, hence the incentives).

Additional financial incentives from the government are also available only if medical professionals use an EHR to document their compliance with value based care initiatives, such as data to support the Patient Centered Medical Home or PCHM model.

Using templates for your particular specialty will ensure that staff members enter the proper information on patients before closing out the record (different information is required for an oncology appointment and a visit to the OB/GYN, for example).

You can activate a patient portal with your EHR, enabling patients to enter their own details instead of having them write it on a stack of documents to be typed in later by your staff.

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