Drugs Society Human Behavior sociology homework help

Drugs Society Human Behavior sociology homework help

Answer should be well thought-out, well-written, and include appropriately cited research and text references where applicable.

Module 1 Discussion Question: Why Psychoactive Drugs?

why do people use psycoactive drugs? To answer this question, Google “Why do people do drugs?”

Module 2 Discussion Question: The War on Drugs?

Has the “War on Drugs” worked? If not why not and if so why has it worked?

Module 3 Discussion Question – Cocaine vs. Crack?

Why the smokable form of cocaine is so much more addictive than the snortable form.

Module 4 Discussion Question – Alcohol: the “other side of the story.”

We have all heard the alcohol horror stories, but it remains a very, very, very popular psychoactive drug – like it or not! There are some things about the psychoactive effects of alcohol that keep it attractive to many people. After reading about the biochemistry of alcohol, explain why it remains so popular.

Module 5 Discussion Question – The Power of Addictive Drugs!

The Amphetamines (that is a group of similar psychoactive substances of which Meth is only one), the Opiates (all the various forms of the opium poppy), and Cocaine although they are chemically very different drugs do share a biochemical similarity that unites them all in their addictive potential. After reading about them, venture your educated explanation of the why they are ALL (that is, what they have in common) so effective at hijacking brain chemistry and physiology to create addiction.

Module 6 Discussion Question: LSD and Religion?

This discussion is pretty deep and there is no “perfectly right answer” to it, but it is about something very important that few people know anything about. LSD (you may have heard of the infamous Tim Leary) and a host of other powerfully hallucinogenic psychoactive substances have been used for centuries to invoke religious inspiration. You should do at least some outside research before you compose your post. but here is the Discussion Question for Module 6: Why do these chemicals have a connection to religious/philosophical perspectives? This should be an interesting discussion

Module 7 Discussion Question: How does marijuana work?

How does marijuana use create changes in the human brain that have resulted in it being so popular?

Module 8 Discussion Question: Does Drug Treatment Really Work?

There are many experts who have done extensive research on the effectiveness of drug treatment programs and concluded that most are a dismal failure. Do a bit of internet research and come to your own conclusions and report your findings.