Discussion: Pedophilia disease

Discussion: Pedophilia disease

Discussion: Pedophilia disease

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# 1.24

(1 pts.) Wayne has pedophilia. He tends to victimize boys but does not engage in physical violence or nonsexual aggression. Wayne would be categorized as a(n) ____ aggressor.

A) physiological

B) cognitive

C) affective

D) developmentally related

# 1.25

(1 pts.) Several of the patients with mental retardation portrayed in the 1970s documentary “Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace” walk around the ward with no clothes on. Which of the following statements might best characterize this behavior?

A) In addition to being diagnosed with mental retardation, they might be diagnosed with exhibitionism.

B) In addition to being diagnosed with mental retardation, they might be diagnosed with voyeurism.

C) These individuals would be dually diagnosed with mental retardation and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

D) Because their behavior is likely due to brain damage, their behavior would not be considered paraphilic.

# 1.26

(1 pts.) When Jimmy was a child, he used to hide out in his closet, sit on the floor amid shoes, and masturbate. He now has a shoe fetish. The development of his disorder would be of no surprise to a

A) psychoanalyst.

B) humanist.

C) behavioral theorist.

D) psychiatrist.

# 1.27

(1 pts.) Five-year-old Timmy has older sisters who dress him up occasionally and call him “Timbelina” since they really wanted a little sister instead of a little brother. If this pattern continues it is possible that Tim might develop

A) sexual masochism.

B) sexual sadism.

C) pedophilia.

D) transvestic fetishism.

# 1.28

(1 pts.) Why is it difficult to determine whether or not individuals with gender identity disorder have a heterosexual or a homosexual orientation?

A) because defense mechanisms are very strong and do not allow the unconscious tendencies to surface

B) because most report having bisexual tendencies so they really don’t express a preference

C) because the definition of their orientation could be based on either their assigned sex or their gender identity

D) because their gender identity confusion also makes them feel confused about their sexual orientation as well

# 1.29

(1 pts.) Carol is extremely interested in sex but does not experience the vaginal changes that ordinarily precede sexual intercourse. Carol may have

A) sexual aversion disorder.

B) hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

C) inhibited female orgasm disorder.

D) female sexual arousal disorder.

# 1.30

(1 pts.) Pattie is extremely frustrated because every time she has sex with her husband she has painful muscle spasms in her vagina which prevent her husband from penetrating. Pattie may very well have

A) dyspareunia.

B) anorgasmia.

C) frigidity.

D) vaginismus.

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