Discussion: Interdisciplinary Departments

Discussion: Interdisciplinary Departments

Discussion: Interdisciplinary Departments

Discussion: Interdisciplinary Departments

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Week 7 discussion DQ 1 What is the relationship between nursing informatics and interdisciplinary departments in utilizing healthcare informatics and technology? DQ 2 Name two obstacles in implementing healthcare informatics in non-acute healthcare settings. What are four strategies that may help to overcome these obstacles?

Nursing informatics is a growing field that can make a significant difference in healthcare delivery and outcomes. Nursing informatics specialists combine their clinical nursing skills with technical knowledge to create systems that can greatly improve the quality of patient care.

The role of technology in healthcare settings is becoming increasingly vital. As more hospitals and healthcare systems use tools like electronic medical records (EMR) or computerized coding, they’ll need dedicated IT departments staffed by professionals who understand both medicine and tech at an advanced level. As a nurse informaticist, you can become a core member or leader of this IT team.

Nursing Informatics: Using Data to Improve Patient Care

Nursing informatics is a field dedicated to delivering high-quality patient care through efficient management of data and technical systems. Using data, an informatics nurse can analyze trends, monitor for any consistent errors, and implement new, more efficient systems. Informatics brings advanced technology to the daily work of nurses.

You might encounter many different titles for jobs within nursing informatics. While the specifics of these roles may vary by employer, they typically fit the same job description. Some common titles in nursing informatics include:

  • Nurse informaticist
  • Nursing informatics specialist
  • Nursing informatics clinician
  • Clinical informatics coordinator
  • Clinical analyst
  • Clinical nurse informatics specialist
  • IT clinical nurse
  • Perioperative informatics nurse

Nursing Informaticist Job Description

As a nursing informaticist, you’ll work with patient data and computer systems. Unlike healthcare informatics, which is focused more on administrative issues, nursing informatics is dedicated to patient care. Many nurse informaticists act as a point of communication between clinical nurses and IT staff. They can report feedback on new systems and technology directly from the staff who are using it each day.

Nurse informaticists can also be responsible for tasks such as quality control, systems development, and the training of clinical staff.

What nurse informaticists do on a daily basis

According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), hospitals are the most common employer for nursing informaticists. At 40%, systems implementation was the most frequently reported job responsibility, and includes selecting and preparing new technology, as well as training and supporting the nursing staff on the how to use it.


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