Discussion: Healthcare Technologies Assignment

Discussion: Healthcare Technologies Assignment

Discussion: Healthcare Technologies Assignment

Discussion: Healthcare Technologies Assignment

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Week 4 discussion DQ 1 What are two strategies you could employ to engage patients with the use of healthcare technologies? How would you assess the effectiveness of these strategies? DQ 2 Describe how you can utilize healthcare informatics in the generation and discovery of new knowledge.

Health technologies encompass all the devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems designed to streamline healthcare operations, lower costs and enhance quality of care. Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, voice search, chatbots and virtual reality (VR) are among the most promising health technologies in 2019.

For the longest time, healthcare executives have been dissatisfied with the lack of technology stacks and solutions for true marketing personalization. Indeed, technology was still the number 1 concern for healthcare marketing  professionals in 2018 according to the American Medical Association.

That said, we question whether the lack of technology is something that is preventing the healthcare executives from adopting digital transformation within their organizations.

In fact, we think this should not be the case at all.

We would even go so far as to argue that technology and healthcare represent a marriage made in heaven. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 9 health technologies that every healthcare executive should be excited about in 2019.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as artificial intelligence right now and with a rapid growth and exciting opportunities surrounding – it’s the best time to utilize its potential for healthcare marketing.

The use of artificial intelligence within the healthcare industry isexpected to grow rapidly at an annual rate of 40% through 2021 – to $6.6 Billion, from approximately $600 Million in 2014.

AI engines can reduce and mitigate risk of preventable medical scenarios in three critical ways:

    • Automate reminders – Great for helping patients take medication within a specific timeframe.
    • Identify people at high risk – Discovering those in need of medical intervention and trigger medical staff alerts to create custom care plans. IBM Watson currently testing this with opioid addiction issues.
    • Deliver personalized dosage recommendations – Based on each patient’s unique body chemistry and associated environmental factors.

That’s three different ways to be able to carve a niche and market AI.

So how do these existing scenarios apply to marketing? For example, a focus on high risk identification or personalized dosages could be a key factor in a marketing campaign. People love to talk about AI. Showcasing your company’s AI solutions will give you free press and position your company as a true innovator and market leader.

The bottomline is simple: keep AI on the radar and utilize the concept as one of the main health technologies for marketing in 2019. There’s no signs of slowing down.

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